the structures in life


caged bustier/corset: Chromat
caged panty: Kiki de Montparnasse


cage_bustier_corsetcropped tank top: Necessary clothing
high waisted double slit long skirt: silence+noise


a little styling tip for the day – pick ONE focal point of your whole outfit that you want to show off: legs, waist, bust, back – pick ONE. never over do it, for example: if you decided to show off your legs, bust and back, you would probably catch a lot of attention but also you would probably look like you are trying too hard (and in fact, you are!)  we want our sexiness comes in an effortlessness.

白天穿搭小祕訣:選一個妳想展現的重點。請在 腿,腰,胸,背 裡選一個。千萬不要秀太多。如果你想一次展露妳的腿,胸,背,是會非常吸睛沒錯,但是是因為妳太過頭了。性感是要渾然天成而不是給人一種”我要很性感“的訊息。

crystal flats: giuseppe zanotti
purse: valentino

it’s steamy hot in New York City right now so i decided to put on a this white flowy skirt that has double slits and a black cropped top. remember i said to pick only one focal point of the outfit. the skirt is actually high wasited so it perfectly covers my supposed to be exposed waist.
look how the outfit elongates my legs – even in flats!