the purr-fect play date

gold studded crocodile cuff: Hermès
silk satin corset: Agent Provocateur
double slit long skirt: Gypsy Warrior

cat+ear+headbandouvertphotos by: Patrick Lada

lace cutout ouvert panty: Agent Provocateur
patent leather cat ears fringe blindfold: Fraulein Kink


here is another great example of a day to night look! elegant black long silhouette transition to this sassy sex kitten, pretty self-explanatory. what makes the outfit is the cat ear blindfold. yes, almost everyone has a blindfold, or an eye mask at the very least. some blindfolds can mess up our pretty eye makeup when we wear it, but not this one. the double layered fringe on this blindfold provides just enough coverage and allow your eyes to blink in wonder. the patent leather cat ears that gives an obvious suggestion of a play time is also a great bonus. from graceful to playful, isn’t it the perfect way to describe a cat’s behavior?