RAWRing fashion peep show

DKNY+25+bdaycome in & take a peep! it’s New York Fashion Week!



yes, all black once again. well, technically im also wearing a little red.
forget the red bottoms. i love the deep blood red crystals on my Alaïa, and you will only see the red under the light.


threw on a cashmere turtleneck dress in this chilly night heading to w magazine event & DKNY bday. im obsessed with the front and back linear cutout details of the cashmere dress so decided to keep a linear silhouette for the night. that way, i look taller and more slender too! (doesn’t hurt since we are not 6′ tall models and have no choice but to stand next to them during fashion week.)


a lingerie inspired piece is a must for me – a patent leather garter with spiky studs! (click here to see details) also added a cute hat with cat ears cuz we girls just wanna have fun!





不過不是Christain Louboutin,是我鍾愛的Alaïa上有暗紅色的鑽石,而且要在光照下才會顯紅。


這天晚上紐約很冷, 我穿了一件細羊绒的洋裝去 W Magazine 跟 DKNY 生日宴。我迷上洋裝上胸前跟背後的線形鏤空設計,所以今晚決定走纖細路線。這樣,我看起來也比較高比較瘦!(我們又不是180的超模卻非得在時裝週跟她們站在一起,看起來瘦點高點也好!)


內衣外穿的小裝飾是少不了的 – 有卯釘的亮皮襪帶! (點這裡看大圖)更加了一頂可愛貓耳朵的帽子,因為我們女生就是愛玩美!