Aim to Please

every once in a while, I like to pamper my special one. what’s better than have a nice hot massage oil and some sexy rubbing with your favorite person?
so here it is – massage candles!



no one wants dried wax on the body, or something that irritates the skin, or worse… get burnt from the wax! x_x I’ve tested out a few brands, afterglow from jimmyjane has became my absolute favorite when it comes to massage candles! light up the candle and the melted wax will turn into massage oil that provides the perfect temperature, easy to be absorbed by the skin, no mess, no dried wax flakes, and the best thing is, i LOVE the scent! it might because of a fun bonus it has:  the scents are aphrodisiac! ;-)


above is what the candle looks like.
yes, it comes in 2 sizes. i have both since the small one is perfect for traveling. both sizes’ got a pour spout so everyone can do it like a pro.




很多按摩精油蠟燭乾了以後會有蠟殘留在身體上, 或是讓皮膚有點敏感不適, 或是更慘的..被蠟燙傷!x_x 讓原本應該享受放鬆的時光變成手忙腳亂的折磨。我試了幾個牌子, jimmyjane 的 afterglow 是我的最愛用的按摩精油蠟燭!燃燒蠟燭後融成的精油溫溫熱熱的不燙手, 不麻煩, 非常好吸收,皮膚上不會留有乾掉的白白的蠟。最棒的是,我好愛那精油的味道!可能是因為其實精油蠟燭裡有添加催情的成分。 ;-)