love is a web.. catch me halloween

how about a little TBT?

halloweeeeen! well, im not one of those new yorkers who celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. so.. i gotta make this day special! (or just my costume?)  can’t stand the typical cheesy Halloween costumes? well, then put together something of your own and make your one of a kind Halloween costume!


net dress/chemise: Shirley of Hollywood,
waspie: Agent Provocateur,
nude mesh body suit: American Apparel,
over the knee boots: Patricia Field


it really started off when my friend asked me to shop potential Halloween costumes at some sex shops on Six Avenue after our dinner together, ended up i got this deliciously scandalous webby dress when slightly intoxicated. (not sure if i would be brave enough to walk in to a sex shop if i was sober!)


i had absolutely no idea what i wanted to be for halloween as the day approaching fast and i was so close to give up on the idea of dressing up on Halloween.. i remembered my drunken purchase  and decided to make an outfit from it. if you are curious about how the actual packaging looks like: HERE. feeling a little uncertain, right? don’t worry i will do my magic and transform it ;)


first thing i needed was a nude bodysuit so i wouldn’t be actually naked in public. then i bought a long sleeve gloves and lots and lots of spiders plus some accessories that i’ve always own. then..


voila! im a spider woman! (or a web?)







等到萬聖節日子逼近,我還是不知道要當什麼,處於近乎放棄萬聖節打扮的念頭。我想起了這件”網“裝,死馬當活馬醫,決定用它來做我的萬聖裝!如果你有點好奇它包裝其實長得是這樣。。。有點讓人害怕對吧?別擔心,我來示範怎麼把它變成萬聖裝給你看 (^_~)




voila! 我就是蜘蛛精囉!(還是蜘蛛網。。? 汗)