it is about what’s underneath.. part deux


reveal what’s underneath, are you ready to bare your soul..


lace peek-a-boo bra: Myla Lingerie
cutout satin panty: Agent Provocateur

photos by: Patrick Lada

i love the lace peep-a-boo detail on this bra, the lace is not only sexy but it is also very soft to the skin. most importantly, it fits so well that the lace actually stays in place, not giving you unintentional nip slip. the strapy design detail offers just enough to accentuates the cleavage but not so much to get distracted from it. another plus is that the lace collar straps in the center are detachable! ah, we just love options.
as for the panty – i’d like to put on matching panties most of the time, however, i like to mix match sometimes for practical reasons.. in this case, whenever i wear a mini skirt, i try to avoid wearing a thong or panty that’s made of fishnet or lace material. that way, my skin doesn’t have too much direct contact when sitting on public surfaces. yea, i like to keep myself clean like that. that’s why i put on this cute cheeky brief with similar cutout details that matches with the bra.


- xoxo



至 於小褲褲。。通常來說我都是穿一整套的內衣,但是有時候為了實用性我喜歡混搭我的內衣跟內褲。我一般穿短裙時,都會盡量不穿丁字褲或網狀小褲褲或蕾絲的小 褲褲,避免出去時跟公共場所的椅子有太多接觸。我喜歡保持乾淨。所以我穿上這件也有特殊剪裁設計的小褲褲來搭配同樣也有鏤空設計的內衣。


- xoxo