i am on a boat – Art Basel


swimsuit: Agent Provocateur
skirt: Helmu Lang
gold chained bracelet: Jules Smith
rosary necklace: Jacquie Aiche


boating!! my friends wanted to show me a good time and decided to take me on a little boat ride to the sunset while in SoBe Miami. (thanQ babes!) it’s so nice to leave New York City and just enjoy the time away from the cold weather and bad memories for now..
i love boating. sea freeze, blue water, open sky, gorgeous sunset, and good friends. i can’t think of anywhere else i would rather be in SoBe. also, the best thing i love about boating – no heels! ha.

my boating attire: swimsuit and a mid length skirt. why did i pick a black one piece over a colorful bikini? im all about versatile. the sheer silky gathered front panel of the swimsuit can be smoothed out and look like a deep V halter top. (see: here) with the black skirt, it looks like a nice black dress. i can go straight to dinner right after the boat ride (can it be more Miami than this?).




跟好友們吹海風,看碧藍的海水,廣闊的藍天,美麗的夕陽。在南方海灘有比這更好的地方嗎?喔!還有,坐遊艇有個好棒規矩就是 – 不能穿有跟的鞋!呵呵

我穿了黑色的連身泳衣跟黑色的及膝裙。為什麼我選了黑色連身泳衣而不是更符合邁阿密風格的色彩鮮艷的比基尼呢?我喜歡能”百搭“的裝扮。這件連身泳衣胸前的絲緞布料可以撐平,就會看起來像一件深V的上衣 (點:這裡)搭上我黑色的及膝裙,看起來就像是一件連身的洋裝。我可以下了船直接去餐廳吃晚餐囉!(有比這更邁阿密風格的行程嗎?)