fishnet in public? yes please

my favorite season in New York is definitely Autumn..

angora mesh sweater: All Saints
cat ear felt hat: gift from a friend


i love Autumn in New York, we are free to finally layer ourselves up with cool items but not because we would freeze into an icicle if we don’t like in the winter time. what i love about this navy sweater is its fuzzy and soft material, and its silk mesh detail, which strategically showcases some of the sexiest parts of a girl’s body that got extremely overlooked – shoulder and our angel wings. ok, that’s what i call for shoulder blades. the fact that the top is not a complete open back makes it not only weather appropriate, but also makes the look much more classy. i pair a nice fitted smooth lamb leather pants with this fuzzy angora sweater cuz i love create contrast in textures. also, leather pants is perfect for this autumn weather!


我好喜歡紐約的秋天,我們有了更多的穿搭選擇,卻又不像是冬天,如果我們不穿暖一點就會被凍成冰棒。我愛上這件深藍色的毛衣它茸茸軟軟軟的質感,跟它絲質網狀的設計,巧妙地展現我覺得女生不常被注意到但是十分性感的地方 – 肩膀跟我們的天使翅膀。好啦,我叫都叫肩胛骨作天使翅膀。由於上衣不是完全的曝露出我的背不僅是適合季節,也讓整個造型更有水準。 我搭配了一條緊身,平滑的小羊皮皮褲配上毛茸茸的安哥拉毛衣,因為我喜歡製造材質上的反差。而且秋天是最好穿著皮褲的季節!


studded fingerless gloves: Patricia Field’s
quilted purse: Chanel
studded detail high heel: Camilla Skovgaard

photos by Patrick Lada

fitted lamb leather pants: Helmut Lang
chained stacked gold bangles: Jules Smith


since there are cute cat ears on my felt hat and i have my back almost bare, i pull my hair up to like a little boy in order to balance the sexiness and edginess. & of course i have to throw in some studs here and there and have my hat tilted for an attitude. ha!


- xoxo





- xoxo