just a simple tank top and a pair of leather pants. oh did i miss to say the spiked out leather harness?


feeling a little nostalgic in Autumn, decided to put together a sensitivity color palette of shell, taupe, and nude together to express the feeling of Fall. a taupe color leather pants is much more suitable than a pair of typical black leather pants. here i paired a raw edge shell/stone color tank top with a scoop back, which perfectly shows off my cross-back leather harness.




raw edge scoop tank: Raquel Allegra
leather pants: A.L.C.
buckle sandal: Christian Louboutin

spiked leather harness: Atelier Bordelle
hand harness: Lionette
pearl sunglasses: Chanel

photos by: Patrick Lada

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come find out..

when it comes to petite girls (i’m 5’5) it’s all about proportion. i paired my slightly long, raw hem navy shirt with a pale gold tone mini skirt. i like to wear the bottoms that are close to my skin tone so it elongates my legs. as you already know, im obsessed with the contrast in textures, so a heavy embellished metal skirt would be my choice to pair with this light sheer shirt. speaking of the shirt, i love the button details on it. some kinky tiny metal bars in antique silver that goes through the crack between the black suede placket and sheer silk bodice as buttons. much sexier than ordinary round buttons.


對於個子嬌小的女生來說(我165cm)比例是很重要的。我穿了一件衣襬略長的深藍色襯衫搭配了一條蒼金色的短裙。我喜歡穿著跟我膚色相近的裙褲拉長我腿的 比例。你們已經知道我喜歡材質上製造出的反差跟對比,所以一件手工鑲金屬跟水鑽的短裙當然是我搭配這件透明輕柔襯衫的首選。說到襯衫,我愛死它紐扣的設 計。它是用古銀色的金屬桿子穿過黑色麂皮的門襟跟絲質的布料當做扣子,比起一般的紐扣性感多了

black suede trim navy shirt: Helmut Lang
pale gold metal hand beaded skirt: All Saints
black suede pump: Yves Saint Laurent

pick the right lingerie that’s going to give a little hint of what you’ve got underneath. if you got sick of plain bras and decided to add a little fun flares into your daily outfit, i got you girl. try ones with pretty bra straps, nice lace material or interesting cutout details that will subtly show through your sheer but not scandalously transparent blouse will do the magic. here i paired the shirt with a mini skirt cuz i like to dress up. you can always put on a pair of pants, jeans or legging for a more casual, conservative look.


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catching the last rays of summer


after more than 6 months of winter in New York last year, i can’t get enough of summer. i just love how the sun kisses and warms up my skin. since im feeling the light today, im putting on a palette of pink/nude/white palette. this almost never happen to me as i mostly wear black, guess i’m in the mood for love. :*)


紐約經歷了超過半年的冬天,我實在捨不得夏天離開。我好喜歡陽光親吻我的皮膚暖暖的感覺。既然我今天如此地感受陽光,我就穿上清爽的色調 粉色/膚色/白色。這對愛穿黑色的我很少發生,希望妳們喜歡囉!(笑)


crystal and chain cuff : Erickson Beamon
spiked stud leather clutch: Alexander McQueen
platform sandal: Christian Louboutin
crocodile corset: Alexander Wang
cutout long skirt: Helmut Lang
silver body chain: Vanessa Mooney

photos by: TheFamousNewYork

the nude color corset piece is a slightly boxy fit and the leather is very stiff, i mixed match it with a soft flowy asymmetrical long skirt to add an interesting contrast, which also keeps the outfit light and soft makes it goes perfectly with the color palette. the corset has a dynamic deep V neckline so i kept the accessories simple, only added a point piece on my wrist. simple but never boring, it’s never wrong for a day look.











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