hello Art Basel.



one piece swimsuit: Agent Provocateur
crocodile cuff with gold studs: hèmes
silk chiffon skirt: Alexis
python purse: Céline

what’s kind of amazing about Art Basel in Miami is the convenience of going straight from a pool party to one of the art exhibitions. my look might seem a bit provocative.. but hey, when in Rome, do as the Romans do! here im in a one piece swimsuit with very versatile adjustable front panels at the bust so i can decide the coverage according to my own liking. i pair it with a long silk chiffon silk that i can never wear in New York City. i add a wide brim hat and carry a medium size purse for a classy silhouette. at the end of the day, im from new york city.







my favorite season in New York is definitely Autumn..

angora mesh sweater: All Saints
cat ear felt hat: gift from a friend


i love Autumn in New York, we are free to finally layer ourselves up with cool items but not because we would freeze into an icicle if we don’t like in the winter time. what i love about this navy sweater is its fuzzy and soft material, and its silk mesh detail, which strategically showcases some of the sexiest parts of a girl’s body that got extremely overlooked – shoulder and our angel wings. ok, that’s what i call for shoulder blades. the fact that the top is not a complete open back makes it not only weather appropriate, but also makes the look much more classy. i pair a nice fitted smooth lamb leather pants with this fuzzy angora sweater cuz i love create contrast in textures. also, leather pants is perfect for this autumn weather!


我好喜歡紐約的秋天,我們有了更多的穿搭選擇,卻又不像是冬天,如果我們不穿暖一點就會被凍成冰棒。我愛上這件深藍色的毛衣它茸茸軟軟軟的質感,跟它絲質網狀的設計,巧妙地展現我覺得女生不常被注意到但是十分性感的地方 – 肩膀跟我們的天使翅膀。好啦,我叫都叫肩胛骨作天使翅膀。由於上衣不是完全的曝露出我的背不僅是適合季節,也讓整個造型更有水準。 我搭配了一條緊身,平滑的小羊皮皮褲配上毛茸茸的安哥拉毛衣,因為我喜歡製造材質上的反差。而且秋天是最好穿著皮褲的季節!


studded fingerless gloves: Patricia Field’s
quilted purse: Chanel
studded detail high heel: Camilla Skovgaard

photos by Patrick Lada

fitted lamb leather pants: Helmut Lang
chained stacked gold bangles: Jules Smith


since there are cute cat ears on my felt hat and i have my back almost bare, i pull my hair up to like a little boy in order to balance the sexiness and edginess. & of course i have to throw in some studs here and there and have my hat tilted for an attitude. ha!


- xoxo





- xoxo




gold studded crocodile cuff: Hermès
silk satin corset: Agent Provocateur
double slit long skirt: Gypsy Warrior

cat+ear+headbandouvertphotos by: Patrick Lada

lace cutout ouvert panty: Agent Provocateur
patent leather cat ears fringe blindfold: Fraulein Kink


here is another great example of a day to night look! elegant black long silhouette transition to this sassy sex kitten, pretty self-explanatory. what makes the outfit is the cat ear blindfold. yes, almost everyone has a blindfold, or an eye mask at the very least. some blindfolds can mess up our pretty eye makeup when we wear it, but not this one. the double layered fringe on this blindfold provides just enough coverage and allow your eyes to blink in wonder. the patent leather cat ears that gives an obvious suggestion of a play time is also a great bonus. from graceful to playful, isn’t it the perfect way to describe a cat’s behavior?









jean+paul+gaultier+exhibitpeep into the world of Jean-Paul Gaultier.. from the sidewalk to the catwalkJean+Paul+Gaultier+poster

as you walk in the exhibition, you are greeted by Jean-Paul Gaultier himself.. well, sort of. it’s a video of his face with him giving a brief introduction of the exhibition and his design concept in both English and French that’s being projected onto the face of Jean Paul Gaultier mannequin, which is wearing designer’s iconic nautical stripes sweater and a long skirt that’s probably made of a pair of trouser.

當走進Jean Paul Gaultier 特展,你會看到設計師本人跟你簡短的以英文和法文說明介紹這次特展內容跟他的設計理念。好吧,不是真的本人,是數位投射Jean Paul Gaultier的臉部影音到穿著俱有Jean Paul Gaultier代表性的橫條紋毛衣跟長裙的人形。

jean+paul+gaultieralmost all the mannequins throughout the exhibition have the same digital projecting effect and lively facial expressions. some sing along with the music in the background, some wink at you as a surprise. i personally love when exhibitions or art installations that is actually able to interact with people in some way. it’s a really nice touch to the whole exhibition, it turns the still exhibition into more of a lively show.



of course my favorite part of the exhibition is the peep show room. dark, velvety background with rooms of provocative designs. my favorite pieces are actually displayed on a rotating platform: body suits of muscles, veins, and bones. (see below) love how it’s giving a hint of striping and exposed what’s inside a body in this peep show room.

我個人剛然是最喜歡特展裡的 peep show room。漆黑的背景,暗紅色的天鵝絨,粉紅色霓虹充滿著前衛具有挑逗性的設計。其中我最愛的三件作品就是中間旋轉平台上的連身裝:肌肉,血管,跟骨架。(見下圖)展示在這 peep show room有著褪去衣裳,赤裸裸呈現的暗示。


well, i had to take this shot.



Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition reminds me a lot of the Alexander McQueen exhibition a few seasons back in the Metropolitan Museum, the energy and style of these two designers are very similar. however, to me, the mood was very different. McQueen was heavier and more romantic compared to Gaultier, and Gaultier is more funky and sexual than McQueen.

Gaultier 特展讓我想起幾季前在大都會博物館的McQueen特展,兩位設計師的能量跟風格非常相近。但我認為兩大設計師的設計氛圍截然不同,McQueen的氛圍比起Gaultier沈重跟浪漫,而Gaultier標新立異,跟McQueen比起來更性感大膽。

boudoir+Jean+paul+gaultier gaultier+show
im all about versatility. i did dress very “museum friendly” until the cardigan is off (and coat checked my leather jacket).. then im Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition friendly. ha. the hand beaded feather headband was my little find at the museum gift shop. wearing it, i felt like a city gypsy who traveled to brooklyn.
thank you brooklyn museum, it was fun.


我的打扮永遠是多元化。我其實打扮得十分適合參觀博物館,只是把我的毛衣外套脫掉就變成適合參觀Jean Paul Gaultier特展。呵呵。頭飾是在博物館的精品店看到的。戴著它感覺像個城市吉普賽流浪到布魯克林囉!
halter top: Olivaceous
crystal embellished pants: Balmain (details see HERE)
hand -made beaded headband with feather: Dora Mara at the Brooklyn Museum
long fingerless leather gloves: Warmen
cashmere cardigan: JCrew


“Our body, the way we present ourselves – it’s a form of communication. Our clothing, hair, and body decoration reflect our true identity.” – Jean Paul Gaultier