back to polar vortex


it’s harsh coming back to 32°F from 32°C. i decide to throw some ice into my outfit today just to go with the weather. i pick mixed textures and items that are in the cool palette – white silk halter top, icy crystal hater top, blue fox fur leather jacket, and crystal reflective colors and pattern white jeans.



silver metal and crystal halter top: Swarovski
white tied back halter top: Olivaceous
blue fox fur leather jacket: private

patterned jeans with black trim: IRO
black sneakers: Isabel Marant



in case you are wondering.. everything comes off in the bedroom, maybe expect for the crystal top. for a short period of time.

(i suppose i don’t need to demonstrate every time?)







- xoxo





i’ll always be an island girl!


i figure the Plumeria flower isn’t enough, i decide to wrap a colorful silk scarf i got in one of the boutiques into an easy breezy halter dress for me to stroll along the beach! my inner island girl spirit is really coming out. lol
as for accessories, instead of the crystal choker, i wear a body chain that goes with the stringy design detail of the bikini, which also emphasis the curve of the body. a little tip – wear the body chain inside the bikini as how the garter belt goes on before the panty.






i don’t always mix match my bikini, only when i feel like it. people usually mix match colors with black or white. here, i mix contrary colors together – purple and yellow. well, magenta and neon yellow to be exact. the two colors look vibrant and fun together, perfect match to wear under the sun. the bikini top has string design detail as well as the bikini bottom, which has the same stringy design detail on its sides, so they go very well together.
the colors also match the Plumeria flower i wear in my hair.  *^_^*


我是看心情來混搭我的比基尼。大家通常都是混搭彩色跟黑或白。這裡我混搭了對比色 – 紫色跟黃色。嗯,嚴格說起來是紫紅色跟螢光黃。兩個顏色非常鮮明有趣,在太陽下正好是完美組合。比基尼上衣有著線狀的設計細節,跟比基尼褲兩側的線狀設計剛好一樣,所以搭配起來非常合適。



hawaiian+girl body+chain

i’d like to think that i look like i was turning into a mermaid in the picture above..
or more like melting into ocean foams..? x_x

我幻想我上面這張照片像是要變身成美人魚… 還是比較像融化到海裡變泡沫…? x_x




- xoxo






i love how causal and relaxing it is in Hawaii. still, i’d like to bring a little panache to the barely there outfit. magenta is my favorite color. i pick out this crochet style fringe bikini in magenta and paired it with a double slit long skirt to stroll to the beach. i love how my skirt flowing in the sea breeze, makes it even more suitable for an island vacation. since the color of the bikini is so vibrant, nude is the color i decide to mix match with. also, a pair of champagne color Havaianas.



believe it or not, i’ve never liked the feeling of being too bare. so i accessorize myself with layers of sparkles, chains, and of course a pink Hawaiian Plumeria flower in my hair! 8-) hey, i am in Hawaii. with that being said, it is Hawaii, i keep accessories delicate and “quiet” so it’s not too much to distract other people who wants a peace of mind. i layer a delicate crystal choker along with my two staple necklaces that i always wear, which visually balances the long fringes of the bikini top. little diamond ring and diamond hand chain, a crystal bracelet to go with the choker and to add some tiny sparkles under the sun. also i add some colorful bracelets to balance out the amount of color i have on me.
oh that’s my sister next to me! i love her to pieces and a very special thanks to her for taking such amazing pictures of me in Hawaii! sisters trips are the best! <3




below is our favorite secret spot to watch the sunset while staying at the Fairmont Orchid!
我們姐妹倆在Fairmont Orchid看日落的最佳秘密地點!



- xoxo





Winter Wonderland Ball gala dinner at New York Botanical Garden!

New York City is addicting to me because it’s always full of surprises. it is my first time going to the New York Botanical Garden and what greets us as soon we walk in is the train show! mini sized trains running through buildings, bridges, airports and familiar New York landmarks that are made of plants! it makes me like a little kid again instantly!
i keep it simple but not safe – wearing my favorite bodysuit of the moment and a black mini skirt underneath it. though the idea of the bodysuit is provocative, it is in reality a very classy and evening appropriate dress. (until i take it off when i am home *wink*)  my luxurious fox fur trim cardigan adds a classic touch to the outfit, a pair of nude heel-less platform elongates my petite frame secretly.

the charity event is sponsored by Bergdorf Goodman. therefore, it is not a surprise that the evening is studded by fabulous fashionistas. i see beautiful ball gowns, long dresses, interesting silhouettes filled up the whole space & of course the legendary Mr. Bill Cunningham is right there with them. as i walk under the Brooklyn bridge, one of the most surreal New York moments happens – Mr. Bill Cunningham takes pictures of me and i have written down my full name on his notepad! (did you hear me scream?) im still pinching myself until this day. it is literally like getting a gold star on my forehead from someone with the utmost credibility. oh, New York, im sleeping with a smile tonight.




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