all about the curves

before you think about getting a boob job, try getting a corset first.ap+velvet+corset-s

corset: Agent Provocateur
boots: Christian Louboutin

ouvert panty: Agent Provocateur


i love corsets. it accentuate the femininity of a woman’s body. the restricting nature of the corset creates the desire for someone to free the body. choker+necklace+corset+helmut+lang+long+skirt_s
skirt: Helmut
necklace: Fallon
crocodile skin studded cuff: Yves Saint Laurent
four finger rings: Maison Martin Margiela
alligator skin purse: Valentino
python wedge: Lanvin


corsets might seem intimidating but they are surprisingly easy to mix and match.


i sometimes pair them with a long skirt to go to events or formal gatherings instead of wearing a gown or long dress. i mean, there’s only so many gowns we need in life! plus, corsets also serve a great purpose of preventing me from over indulging..


i had on a black velvet corset with cutout sheer panels on the side and bust. i paired it with a black long skirt to create an illusion of wearing a black sweetheart neckline dress. there’s a nice balance between the sexiness of the high slit skirt and the form hugging corset. also, the smooth curve of the slit goes perfectly with the shape of the sheer panels.


the fun part is in the accessories – choker necklace, cuff, and four finger rings!! need i say more?











真正有趣就是飾品的部分囉 – 頸練,手環,跟四指的戒指!我還需要多說明嗎?