a night at the Box



nothing starts grand. it might start small but it has started..


first day back in New York City after my family trip in Hawaii, still feeling unreal that im back to the concrete jungle. friends invited me to go to the Box and enjoy the first night in New York with them and watch the special shows. well, why not? nothing gives a better visual drastic shock and reminds me that im are back in New York City than this place.


the box is the most appropriate place to dress inappropriately. you can always find colorful Mohawks, patent leather corset, broken fishnets and extreme make ups in this place. it’s subculture at it’s finest and everything anti mainstream. the performance show are simply all the naughtiness gone wild and present to you theatrically. i decided to put on the provocative fringe bodysuit hope to match up with the “naughtiness” of the Box, but the shy side of me pair it with a black floor length long skirt.


回到紐約的第一天,還是有種恍然還是跟家人在夏威夷的感覺。我朋友邀我跟他們去the Box小聚 跟觀賞它們著名的秀。何妨不去呢?畢竟沒有別的地方能給我像它們強烈的視覺衝擊,讓我知道我真的回到紐約了。

the Box 是非常適宜穿著不和時宜的地方。絕對少不了彩色的龐克頭,亮皮的馬甲,破洞的網襪,跟華麗的濃妝。充滿著次文化,跟一切的反社會主流。 秀基本上是個把所有不乖的主意放大然後以戲劇舞台表演的方式呈現出來。我決定穿上挑逗的流蘇的連身裝,希望跟 the Box 一樣,把不乖的一面秀出來。但是我害羞的一面選擇搭配了黑色的及地長裙。